Idea 1: Click to Create

Objective of the game is to craft all the items. Sell them. Get xp and become the richest person in the universe. There are different tiers of items different perks and different ways to earn your money/xp so people aren’t forced to choose 1 specific way.

Click to Create

Idea 2: Discover space: The lost world

In this 3D adventure game you are hunting through the vast universe and space to find the lost world that is one of possible alien life. Through out this journey you will speak to other space travelers and find other planets. By the end of the game you want to have unlocked a better ship get a good crew and you NEED to have enough money to afford the new planet. You will have to take on odd jobs to gain xp crew and money.



Idea 3:  Reality profits

This is a interesting twist on trying to survive in reality. You start at the age of 18 and have to decide if you want to take 1 of 2 paths. No college or college. You want to try to live a good life while dealing with every day things like jerks at work taxes bills etc.

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